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April 19, 2019


In this chapter, we present to you two products we developed over the years. They do not constitute our mainstream product line, but can mean quite a lot to the IT professional in its quest to better serve his customers.

E-mail VCP

This product has been developed to manage e-mail accounts on a server. Indeed, the system administrator is able to perform the following tasks:
  • Manage e-mail domains
  • Manage users ans passwords
  • Manage aliases
  • Manage forwards
  • Manage auto-replies
  • Get system status
  • Anti-virus definitions
  • As with most of our software, NetPower Solutions also uses this tool internally and for our customers.


    This PHP tool allows programmers to generate PDF, RTF and DOC documents out of HTML and PHP code. The tool can be installed as a separate module on all Open Source software. Tables are supported if they are not embedded within other tables. Further details can be obtained on simple request.