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March 19, 2019

Comprehensive Support Systems

Our software usually is designed with a comprehensive support feature, which allows us to do maintenance at a distance, often based on information which we receive from the software even before customers are aware of a problem.

This feature also allows us to check in real-time what happens with our software when handled by individual users, which greatly reduces support and SLA costs.

Online Support

Online support can be used within our software by going to the Help menu or the Support link and following the easy steps. Alternatively, and for those rare cases where we cannot be joined by phone, you can also mail us on support@netpowersolutions.be

Available SLA

The Service Level Agreements (SLA) we offer, give peace of mind to our customers and basically cover support, helpdesk, bug fixes, upgrade possibilities and network availability. However, different users have different needs. Therefore, we offer a range of 4 different SLA to respond to each customer's specific wishes. In addition, some products receive their own 24/24h support that is 100% matched to the specific needs of the customised software.
The following table gives more information:

SLA Type
Time Scheme
Max. Interventions
Office Hours
Mail + Phone
Office Hours
Mail + Phone
24/24 h
Mail + Phone
24/24 h