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April 19, 2019


Reporting is getting more and more important in today's companies. Indeed, management and board members cannot take any decisions without proper reports. It is therefore very important that all reports are obtained swiftly, with consistent data and in a way which people can trust.

NetPower Solutions offers three products in this range: EAS Reports which is a typical reporting tool that retrieves data from any type of database and handles queries; EAS Portal which is to be used in conjunction with one of our EAS products (see main products page), and our DocuMan Document Management system.

EAS Reports

EAS Reports is a reporting tool that enables you to define your own reporting documents: through a webpage, you connect to any type of database in your company, you select the tables and fields which you would like to appear in your report, and the system generates either a tabular, summary or a matrix report. In addition, you can have graphical representations of your reports in a pie, bar or line format (wherever possible). Export possibilities exist by means of csv-standards like e.g. Microsoft Excel (TM). The whole system is recognised for its user-friendliness.

EAS Portal

EAS Portal is a system that delivers a direct link between your customers, partners and suppliers at the one hand, and your ERP systems on the other hand. EAS Portal is to be used in conjunction with our other EAS systems, although it can also be integrated with more conventional ERP and CRM systems from other manufacturers. The functionalities included within the Customer Portal are:
  • Complete integrated offer request possibility by your customers
  • Order confirmations
  • Overview of delivery planning
  • Invoice statements and received payments
  • Quality documents (DIN)
  • Contact Management - multiple users per customer
  • Language preferences
  • Continuous real-time secure updates

  • More detailed information on EAS Portal can be obtained here.

    DocuMan Document Management

    This tool allows you to control your personal documents as well as those accessible by your collegues from a central server. In addition to added security, you can also get reports on changes that were done on the documents and see who read and downloaded these. The system is completely web-based and can be installed in under half a day.