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April 19, 2019


Our customers are the main reason for our existence. We are very proud on what has been achieved for the customers listed below. One particular case is detailed at the bottom of this page as a typical success story for our software. However, many more success stories are developing as you read this paragraph. Feel free to contact us to receive more details and references.

Our References

Here is the list of some of our customers:
  • Tubel NV - steel tube manufacturer, Belgium. Visit their website
  • Passe-Passe SA - magic and juggling company, France. Visit their website
  • Paraphane Plus NV - flexible packaging printing company, Belgium.
  • Base NV - mobile services provider, Belgium. Visit their website
  • CxO Europe Bvba - press company, Belgium. Visit their website
  • Vetas VZW - veterinary services, Belgium. Visit their website
  • The Tubel Success Story - EAS Corporate

    Tubel SA is a Belgian steel tubes manufacturer with a solid reputation that goes back more than 75 years. The company trusted NetPower Solutions and its employees to implement their newest completely customised ERP system.

    Tubel SA used to be owned by a larger steel manufacturing group (UGB), yet the company was sold as part of a reorganisation in an effort to focus on the core business and to beef up the financial results.

    Over a period of 3 years, NetPower Solutions was contracted for a number of projects that led to a fully integrated ERP and CRM system, as new management needed a firm basis on which to rely to make proper decisions to ensure profitability and productivity.

    Before NetPower Solutions came in, the latest major investment dated back to the seventies with the first use of a mainframe computer to handle warehousing needs. This computer had been taken out of service in the early nineties and all flows and data were from then onwards, hand-recorded.

    Netpower Solutions software was chosen for its price, its web-based character which would minimise future investments in hardware and its possibility to deliver in a multilingual environment as Tubel had customers in the United Kingdom, in The Netherlands and in France. Also, with only 25 employees Tubel could not afford the big high-end systems from other manufacturers.

    In the first major project, NetPower Solutions made sure that warehousing control, offer requests and order confirmation processing and other workflows like invoicing became automised. At the same time, employee working hours and tasks were also monitored to determine employee efficiency. Finally, the system could issue a lot of statistical and financial data to help management take the right decisions.

    This implementation took about 9 months including connectivity needs, network infrastructure and hardware roll-out.

    The advantages quickly became clear: the warehouse value calculation used to be done once a year around Christmas, yet now it could be obtained at the push of a button. Management could connect to the web-based system from home and check employee efficiency on the spot. Wrong production sheets or wrong deliveries were greatly reduced, adding to the financial benefits, etc…

    NetPower Solutions also learned a great deal and adjusted amongst other things its training scheme to the typical needs of a small enterprise.

    After the initial success, a second major project involved automating all planning issues as well as the plant production steering. Raw material purchases became linked to the actual customer orders, in an effort to minimise unnecessary warehousing. History tracking of customer orders also greatly simplified complaint management issues. Indeed, management can now immediately and at the push of a button see when a tube was delivered, how long it was kept in the warehouse, when and by whom it was produced, if any machine problem occurred in that production run, who delivered the steel the tube was made of and how long that steel had been kept at a certain place before production started. These things used to take weeks of research yet became available in a couple of seconds.

    Because of the degree of automation achieved, it became possible to increase the productivity by merging all production runs with the same or similar machine parameters - hence jumping from one production run to another with only minimal downtime compared to what happened before.

    In a third project, NetPower Solutions launched the use of scanning equipment and bar code systems to monitor warehousing and production activities. This further reduced potential data input mistakes and further increased employee efficiency. A Customer Extranet was also added to enable Tubel customers to check their order, delivery and payment statusses, and to update their contact information and preferred language, etc… Finally, Tubel workflows became linked over a secure connection to the current Tubel parent company's bookkeeping system.

    Especially the Customer Extranet had a very successful impact on customer relations. Indeed, the customer has now full insight in how and when his requests are handled, which adds to the feeling of trust that the company has been building up over the years with its customers.

    The concrete figures which Tubel showed between 1997 (first initial customer contact) and 2001 (end of the second project), revealed a 31.04 % raise in net financial results, a 54.48 % increase in its cash-flow position and a 163.41 % productivity boost (source: National Bank of Belgium), despite 9/11 and a crumbling economy.

    The owner of the company has on many occasions congratulated NetPower Solutions and has openly declared to have more time for his favorite hobby: driving at car rallies. Management today is also able to visit trade fairs abroad and yet stay informed about production figures and other statistics. In addition, the company has proven to have set new standards in profitability and productivity.