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April 19, 2019

Quality Standards

NetPower Solutions is committed to provide its customers the highest possible quality standards.
To achieve this, we have established a quality assurance methodology that is valid through all company divisions, ranging from the first commercial contact, over the R&D and Implementational Department to the Customer Care and Support Department. This methodology is based on a number of fixed quality control steps, including but not limited to :
  • Working on the basis of ISO 9000 Qualification Procedures
  • Using pre-defined quality documents
  • Training people to have an eye for detail
  • Testing and retesting of all implementations at different levels of development
  • Constant at random quality tests
  • Constant remote performance monitoring of our IT implementations
  • Quality in Software Development

    While developing our software and - more specifically - when customising our Software to fit our customer's needs, we go through a series of quality control steps that involve setting up Coding Standards, Naming Standards and thorough Testing Procedures.

    As far as Testing Procedures are concerned, we make a difference between Technical Tests (where we check if the code runs), Functional tests (where the code is tested on its proper return), Stress Tests (to see if the code can be used by a certain number of users simultaneously) and Acceptance Tests (where the user gives his agreement with the results obtained by the code). The testing steps are explained in the drawings beneath.

    Monitoring Technology

    Most of our web-based software is equipped with monitoring tools so we can check proper functionality on remote sites 24 hours on 24. This is especially true for the Enterprise Application packages we sell.
    In addition, we provide integrated tools to companies to maintain and monitor their IT infrastructure on site and at a distance.