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March 19, 2019


At NetPower Solutions, rather than selling software, we offer solutions to facilitate doing business and bringing real cost-cutting and efficiency-increasing results.

Our solutions are there to help you with the typical business flows that exist in companies - even very complex ones - and flows that go totally wrong: missed deadlines, wrong invoicing, bad planning, exceeded budgets, etc. This is where we can help.

In addition to our main EAS product range, we also offer derived products - such as EAS Portal or EAS Support - and a series of additional products that can proof to be handy tools for certain companies. Pick your choice at the left to select any product you might be interested in. We are also available for custom-made software based on web architectures.

What is EAS ?

EAS is short for Enterprise Application Suite. It is a combination of several applications that have an impact on your internal and external business flows. As such, it automates and helps manage the flows with regards to your customers, your suppliers, your employees, your management, your shareholders, and all internal matters like administration, warehousing, production and services.

These flows are generally contained in separate software, like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management) and HR (Human Resources) Software. In most cases, you will pay a lot of money to integrate these systems so they will work with each other. Not so with NetPower Solutions' Software: our systems can grow modularly, and you can at any moment upgrade to a heavier EAS application without any integration costs.

Why the flower logo ?

As stated above, the business flows can be reduced to 5 main software types. Hence the 5 petals that make up our flower. In addition, a flower symbolises the peace of mind our customers experience when they use our software - a state of mind where one can really concentrate on doing business without having to worry about retrieving data or being confronted with uncertainties.

Solutions for all needs

Because we understand that customers have different budgets, different needs and different urgencies, we have developed a series of EAS versions that can be upgraded smoothly and seamlessly, in a modular way. We have combined these solutions in 5 main product lines:
a) Customer Relations: EAS Contact, EAS Starter and EAS Support
b) Resource Planning: EAS Warehouse, EAS Professional and EAS Corporate
c) Reporting Tools: EAS Portal, EAS Reports and DocuMan
d) Handy Other Tools: @VCP and PHP2DOC
e) Mobile Applications: WAP Contact, SecurePayment and Mobile Cash

EAS Contact (See Page) - Imagine that in most companies, accounts and contacts data are dispersed over many computers, many servers and even more agendas and other files. EAS Contact offers a possibility to manage all your contacs in a very simple web-based way, with private and public contacts, with import and export functions, as well as personalised mass-mail possibilities. The system also offers very easy upgrades to our other EAS product lines, and is also available in a mobile application as 'WAP Contact'.

EAS Starter (See Page) - This package is a full Customer Relationship Management system aimed at giving a first impression of our software to our customers. It enables you to follow up on leads, to launch marketing campaigns, to manage an after-sales support, and much more. In short, it handles all customer relations from initial lead, over sales to a post-sales quality follow-up.

EAS Professional (See Page) - The professional package is an evolution on the Starter version: next to CRM possibilities, it offers very detailed ERP and HR functionalities, such as warehouse management, offer processing, order confirmation, invoicing, administration, planning, and much more. It is priced well below our competitors and is available through leasing as well.

EAS Corporate (See Page) - The corporate version is aimed at those companies who need a very customised approach. They typically are production facilities with a tight supply chain need, or companies that need mobile access to difficult international business processes. Here, we offer an all-in-one price we stick to, thus giving financial security to our customers. Despite the full customisation to the customer's specific needs, there's no horror stories possible of missed deadlines or soaring expenses that exceed the agreed investment...

EAS Portal (See Page) - The ideal tool to give your customer a full-time control of his order processing. You increase your customer satisfaction, while considerably reducing communication efforts and enhacing your cash-flow position!

EAS Support and EAS Warehouse - These products are separate modules that one can also find in EAS Starter and EAS Professional. They offer companies a tool to manage their support and helpdesk administration, or give companies a very powerful warehouse management tool.

EAS Reports - Do you also have many databases in your company on which you have data that you'd like to run reports on? Are you also afraid of the costs such a system might impose on your budgets ? Then we have the solution: connect any type of database with this tool, and make any kind of query, and the result will be astonishing with both tables and graphic reports.

DocuMan - The easiest, fastest and very powerful Document Management system in the Benelux market!

What advantages do you have ?

Managing business flows is one thing, but making software easy to use something else. Our software has been conceived with the end user in mind:
  • Easy interface: handling the software is as easy as using a web-browser.
  • Web-based: wherever you are, you can access your data with a password, even at home.
  • Secure: confidential data is handled in a secure way.
  • Multilingual: different users can access the system in their preferred language simultaneously.
  • Platform independent: you don't need to invest in new hardware, you can stick to your Microsoft, Mac or Linux PC.
  • Compatible: export and import data over CSV or XML protocols.
  • Modular: seamless integration as your company goes and grows.
  • Full control: cockpit-control over all your business flows.
  • Fast support: our tele-maintenance feature allows for immediate interventions.
  • Pricing Policy

    We do believe that there’s no need to pay for features you will never use. Therefore, and in addition to the modular and customised approach which has been described above, and depending on which version of the software you choose, there’s 2 or 3 possible ways to acquire the NetPower Enterprise Application Suite: a Direct Purchase, and comprehensive Rental and Leasing approaches.

    When you opt for a Direct Purchase (available on all versions), you pay a fixed amount which also covers server hardware, testing, training and roll-out. It then gives you unlimited use of the Suite. However, an increase in number of users or additional support efforts and SLA are extra.

    The Leasing approach (restrictions apply) offers all advantages associated with ASP-like solutions (complete budgetary control, no surprises, quick professional help, etc) without its inconveniencies. Indeed this leasing fee includes:
  • the necessary servers
  • all subscriptions
  • needed licenses
  • needed server operating systems
  • back-up systems and power management systems
  • software
  • consultancy (where needed)
  • implementation fees
  • roll-out and testing fees
  • training
  • maintenance, including support services and service level agreement (SLA)

  • Finally, we also offer a Rental approach (EAS/WAP Contact, EAS Starter, EAS Support and EAS Portal only) for those companies who do not want to lease the software yet want to have full control.

    The minimal lease/rental period is 36 months. Typical payments for our top-of-the-line Corporate version are as low as one normal employee salary, though saving many other salaries. Rentals are paid per quarter.
    At the end of the lease contract, customers can retain an SLA, support and maintenance fee.