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April 19, 2019


How many companies get daily calls from customers, partners or suppliers to verify prices, order confirmations, delivery schedules, lost or wrong deliveries, etc. How many companies invest precious time to respond to these calls, time that cannot be invested in other tasks which might generate more sales or better customer relations. In addition, this interaction between a company and its spokespartners in most companies only exists during office hours.

To help solve this problem, we have created EAS Portal. Indeed, this solution gives fully automated communication possibilities between your company and its customers, partners or suppliers. The idea is that you open up your ERP system to the outside world, by sharing limited information with others, or by allowing selected queries to be run on your data.

In short, EAS Portal eliminates much of the non-efficient communication with your customers and partners, while at the same time minimising errors and increasing customer satisfaction.

Magic Screenshow

Below is a selection of typical screenshots that give you an idea of what the software looks like and what it is capable of.

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EAS Portal allows you to:
  • Automatically update contact and address information
  • Help your customers in their own language
  • Automate offer requests and offers
  • Automate order confirmation administration
  • Secure the communication with your customers
  • Inform your customers of scheduled productions and deliveries
  • Give your customers a full library of copies of previously sent documents
  • Exchange quality attestations
  • Get customer feedback
  • Inform your customer of payments received and outstanding
  • Automate production runs depending on your customers' requirements
  • All this 24/24 h and 7/7 days
  • With daily, hourly or real-time updates
  • Variations on the same theme

    EAS Portal has been designed to work together with existing EAS products, but we can also adapt it to work with competing ERP and CRM solutions from other manufacturers. We can also customise the solution to answer certain particular requests, such as delivery tracking by GPS.

    Technical Requirements

    EAS Portal runs on our servers or at a server at your premises. All information exchange is deemed to be secure and is if needed also encrypted.

    Available Languages

    EAS Portal is available in English, French and Dutch. Additional languages are available at extra cost.

    Can I try it ?

    Yes you can! There's a demo version available for registered visitors only. Please register for more details. You will get your demo access within 24 hours.