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April 19, 2019


NetPower Solutions has 3 products in its Mobile Applications branch: PDA Contacts, SecurePayment and Mobile Cash. The 2 last products are not for sale any more. As we focus on serving our customers with reporting and management modules, we are seeking to sell these technologies to an industrial group able to continue their development and/or sales.

The NetPower SecurePayment system basically offers an added security aspect to online and mobile credit card transactions. Indeed, most people don’t trust online or mobile transactions because the way the payment is done doesn’t look familiar to them: one is used to enter a PIN code when taking money from an ATM machine, or to set a handwritten signature when buying something

Up till now, almost all mobile or online credit card transactions just required a credit card number without any further details, no PIN or other signature system. The NetPower SecurePayment system is a way to resolve this issue and establish long-lasting consumer confidence while offering more freedom than any other system on the market, by using the mobile phone as a user identification system

PDA Contact

Comparable to our EAS Contact system (see Customer Relations), PDA Contact allows you to check your company's contact and customer database from your mobile phone. The system is also GPRS compatible. For more information, please see the EAS Contact product.


The first step in this SecurePayment process is to register the user’s real credit card with a Trust Provider, which can be the ISP or preferably the Mobile Phone Operator (further referred to as the PSP – Phone Service Provider). Other information can also be entered, one of which is the mobile phone number. This is either done online through the Provider’s secure website or manually at the counter of the ISP or PSP vendor

In exchange for this credit card information, the user gets a new, but this time virtual credit card number, whose references point to the Service and Trust Provider as the issuing virtual “bank”. When the user is making any type of transaction, be it online or mobile, with his new virtual credit card, the vendor’s bank will – just like with any other transaction system – contact the issuing bank (or in this case the ISP or PSP) for authorization

At that moment, a secure PIN request is sent to the mobile phone SIM and on the mobile phone display a PIN code request appears. This needs a SIM card type (SmartSIM) able to deal with this type of request.

Upon successful PIN code entrance, the SIM sends an authentication signal over an encoded connection to the Service Provider. Upon successful identification, the Service Provider will contact the real credit card issuer, to authorize the transaction and the necessary credit check. Upon successful completion hereof, the vendor’s bank will receive a final approval and the transaction will be finalized.

NetPower’s SecurePayment system involves the registration of the user’s credit card info, the virtual credit card generator, the SmartSIM and subsequent transaction systems, and finally all software needed to link the system with existing transaction software.

The big advantages of this system are:
  • no real credit card information ever needs to be given
  • the user can switch from one credit card to another credit card at any given moment
  • there’s much added security because of the PIN request and user identification
  • the vendors do not have to register with the Service Provider, thus opening a lot more virtual shops to the customer and giving him more freedom
  • it’s extremely easy to use
  • the service provider has no responsibility whatsoever and takes a commission on each transaction
  • Mobile Cash

    The system can also work with so-called virtual wallets or mobile wallets: because all credit card and personal info is known by the Service Provider, a payment procedure for services the Provider gives can be reduced to just entering the correct PIN code on the phone without having to enter any additional information, which is a perfectly natural way of using a mobile phone

    Additional examples of these services are : paying in a shop, paying at a parking machine, paying for a sandwich, etc...

    Security Advantages

    These systems offer a lot of security advantages : when a credit card is reported stolen, the issuing bank is immediately informed and the virtual credit card number becomes useless. This is also true for stolen phones: if a phone is reported stolen or missing, the number is blocked and the virtual card also becomes useless.