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April 19, 2019


Resource Planning has been a very important investment in bigger companies over the last 10 years. Originally, only very big corporations could afford the huge investment needed to follow up all company data streams, to make more efficient use of them and to better plan resources - be it financial, human or other - to fit the business model.

As more and more companies have these systems, and as market conditions dictate that they become more and more affordable, smaller companies have been obliged to follow this trend: not doing so is suicide in today's highly competitive markets. NetPower Solutions is but one of many companies offering Resource Planning to small and mid-sized companies. But we do this in a very competitive way: our solutions are very modular, often customised and always web-based. We are also one of only a handfull companies that offer affordable flexible project management tools within our Resource Planning systems.
We have 3 products in this range: EAS Professional, EAS Corporate and EAS Warehouse. While the first two are complete systems, the latter answers a very specific need of most companies: Warehouse Management.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP has traditionally been associated with very costly, very complex and maintenance-intensive solutions. Not so any more. Today, more than 100 software and consultancy companies offer automation tools that deliver the same benefits - and even more - at a substantially lower cost. In some instances, like with NetPower Solutions, this investment can be spread over time thanks to a leasing approach.

ERP systems offered by NetPower Solutions will keep track of all business flows that exist within your company - in short we monitor and report all flows from offer request to post-sales quality checks:
  • Customer demands like offer requests, order confirmations, support requests
  • Supplier interactions including primary goods, warehouse needs, maintenance equipment
  • Planning tools like production planning, personnel planning, delivery planning
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Production and Quality monitoring
  • Barcode and Scanning possibilities
  • Bookkeeping documents like invoicing, credit notes, reminders
  • Reporting tools like statistics, Intrastat data, VAT returns, Efficiency measurements
  • Integration tools like bookkeeping-integration or data exchange with CRM solutions
  • NetPower Solutions has developed a series of solutions that are specifically adapted to the needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), without compromising on flexibility, scalability and functionality. While EAS Professional is a more standardised product, EAS Corporate is completely customised to fit the requirements of even the most demanding customer.

    EAS Professional & EAS Corporate

    Both products are described on a separate page. Please go here to see more information on EAS Professional and here to learn more on EAS Corporate. More general information is also available by going to the main products page.

    EAS Warehouse

    EAS Warehouse has been developed to better respond to companys' warehousing needs. The full functionality of this product includes:
  • Clear difference between primary goods, semi-finished products, finished products and maintenance items
  • Values of each type of product and warehouse
  • Product ordering
  • Statistics
  • History tracking and product lifecycle
  • Multiple Warehouses supported
  • Location positioning
  • Barcode tracking and reading
  • Fullintegration possible with legacy systems
  • University Cooperation

    In 2004, a research project was started with the University of Leuven (KU Leuven - see their website), in which two groups of four students developed a new planning system for our Resource Planning Solutions. For a period of three months, this team worked in close cooperation with the technical teams at NetPower Solutions and one of our customers. The same customer was then picked to test a new planning algorithm, based on Monma & Potts' theorems.

    The result can be seen on the graphs hereunder: a green line represents a delivery that is perfectly on schedule, a red a delivery which is running late and an orange line a production which takes place too early. The results for this particular customer were enormous: 24% more on-time deliveries, 72% less deliveries that were behind schedule and 20 % less early productions! In short: a huge cash-flow gain... A clear indication we try the most we can for our customers...

    Original Planning Situation
    New Planning Situation