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April 19, 2019


Customer relations can take on many faces: it can mean a direct contact by phone or in a meeting room between you and your customer; it can be a bit more distant with e-mail communication, postal letters or fax messages; it can even be that your communication and actions involve a prospect, as it can be that you are dealing with a long-lasting loyal customer... Fact is, establishing a good customer relationship is much more than just achieving sales. Actually, most companies acknowledge a shift from a sales-oriented customer approach to a relationship-oriented customer approach. Central in this approach is the knowledge you have about your customer.
To enhance this knowledge potential, and to serve the good relationship companies try to achieve with their customers, NetPower Solutions offers three solutions: EAS Contact, EAS Starter and EAS Support.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM is much more than just software or an automised solution: it is at the same time an art and an attitude. It is essential that your whole company adopts the same attitude towards customers and customer-information. Ideally, everybody in your company knows your customer through and through, and your customer will have the impression he is treated in the same way by anyone in your company, as if he were your most important customer.

Adopting his attitude means that you will go through a period of change management: people will have to understand why the customer is so important, and why keeping track of all information - and analysing it correctly - is crucial to achieving a proper CRM. We at NetPower Solutions can help with this change. Our products are but a piece of a bigger entity, and CRM will only succeed if all pieces fall together: the people, the management, the software solutions, the attitude and the proper understanding of all information...

EAS Contact

Our Contact Management tool 'EAS Contact' enables you to keep track of your contacts, devide them into categories, send mass e-mails or personalised messages, import and/or export contacts, and connect to mail clients. You can also search groups of contacts based on certain criteria you establish yourself.
As such, EAS Contact gives you a first - but crucial - tool to automate the relationships you have with your customers, and beyond. More detailed information on EAS Contact can be found here.

EAS Starter

EAS Starter has been developed as a fully-functional CRM application that covers almost all aspects of CRM: manage accounts and contacts, finding leads, dicovering opportunities, launch marketing campaigns and monitor results, organise after-sales and support actions, analyse data and keep track of all communications, tasks, meetings and emails. In addition, it is possible to add modules from our EAS Professional or EAS Corporate software to also manage sales, invoices, service interventions, quotes and other data streams.
Please visit the page especially dedicated to the Starter Software.

EAS Support

EAS Support has been developed as a Helpdesk Tool with your after-sales department in mind. Originaly part of EAS Starter, EAS Support is now available as a separate product. The following functionalities are included:
  • Problem handling with helpdesk features
  • FAQ database
  • Knowledge base
  • Service interventions
  • Cost control
  • Service Level Agreements
  • History tracking
  • There's a demo version available for registered visitors only. Please register for more details. You will get your demo access within 24 hours.
    Below is a selection of typical screenshots that give you an idea of what the software looks like and what it is capable of.

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