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April 19, 2019


EAS Contact is a solution that every company can use. Indeed, research has indicated that a vast majority of companies do not have a centralised database with customer, partner and supplier contact data. Quite often, this information is spread throughout the company on hard drives, servers, agendas, mobile phone memory cards, paper listings, and so on.

EAS Contact offers a solution to centralise this information with respect to privacy, and with very comprehensive import and export functionalities. At a later stage, companies can switch to other EAS products that can rely on the centralised information available in EAS Contact.

In addition, accessing this information is very simple: wherever you have an internet connection, your data is available. You can even connect through a mobile phone thanks to our product 'PDA Contact'. At optional cost, EAS Contact can be customised and integrated with legacy systems. EAS Contact is also available in renting, which offers the advantage of a very low investments and automatic upgrades: you subscribe to a service rather than a software.

Magic Screenshow

Below is a selection of typical screenshots that give you an idea of what this solution looks like and what it is capable of.

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EAS Contact allows you to:
  • Centralise all your contact data
  • Import and export information from and to other systems
  • Archive your contact data per group of contacts
  • Define public or private contacts
  • Create user groups that have read or write access to this information
  • Combine all contacts per company or account and list them at once
  • Send personalised mass e-mails
  • Get feedback on these mails
  • Many versions to fit all needs

    EAS Contact is available in several offerings, each one adapted to fit specific needs. In addition, each of these versions can be customised if needed (optional at extra cost):
  • Online Use (ASP Model) - the software with your own secure data is available online, you pay a quarterly fee and use a web browser. Upon registration, you will receive an administrator password which will enable you to create as many users as allowed by your license scheme and with which you can upload your own data.
  • On-site Use (Classic software) - very much like the software above, but instead of paying a periodic fee, you buy the software and we install it at your premises. In this way, you can manage the software yourself and you are not dependant on an internet connection. We have single-user versions (stand-alone PC) and server versions available.
  • Partner Channel Use (ASP Model) - we also offer the Starter package to some partner channels to enable them to offer this solution to their customers. The software is powered by us but has the look and feel of the partner website.
  • OEM Installations (Classic software) - Certain manufacturers offer our software as OEM equipment on their hardware.
  • Technical Requirements

    EAS Contact runs on our servers or at a server at your premises. To run the Online version, you just need a permanent internet connection (ADSL, Cable, DSL, etc), a web browser and a proper password. To run the On-site version, you additionally need a Linux, Unix, Windows or Solaris server which we can install or configure if needed. Updates and upgrades are done automatically through the internet connection (if included in the license agreement).

    Available Languages

    EAS Contact is available in English, French or Dutch. Additional and multiple languages are available at extra cost.

    Can I try it ?

    Yes you can! There's a demo version available for registered visitors only. Please register for more details. You will get your demo access within 24 hours.