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March 19, 2019

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Our Lifestyle

NetPower Solutions Belgium has a unique working atmosphere that one cannot easily find in other companies. The team is relatively young, very dynamic, motivated, and willing to succeed. We collectively do not believe in a 9-to-5 mentality, as our customers don't have this style either. Instead, we believe in succeeding through hard and motivated work, and continuous training.

We also believe that income should be based on one's achievements and commitment. Therefore, everybody regardless of his or her function has the opportunity to show the others what he or she stands for, setting new standards to motivate the whole team and gaining over time much more than what could be even remotely possible at other companies.

We think and act as a team - most of us even compare the company to a big family that sticks together. And although we strongly believe in learning by doing, we also strive to be the best in every field. If you feel you're not afraid of working hard, if you believe in your potential achievements, if you're willing to share with us your knowledge, and most of all if you feel you want to belong to a family that sticks together, please do not hesitate and contact us today !

Current Openings

Sorry, we currently have no openings available.


Every year, we offer a number of traineeships for students in Belgium. These traineeships are offered in the following fields: marketing, management, software development and IT engineering. For this year, we still have 3 projects left for which we seek trainees. Are you looking for an opportunity to have a first work experience, with the possibility to get employed after a successful traineeship? Then please contact us and send us your CV and education degree.


As with all data we process, we garantee you the utmost confidentiality and respect of your privacy. When we get resumes in, we process them and always reply within 2 weeks.