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April 19, 2019

15 05 2003 - Article in iTel Magazine

NetPower Solutions today was mentioned in i-Tel, the technology paper from the Flemish Entrepreneur (or Vlaamse Ondernemer) newspaper.

The Vlaamse Ondernemer is a magazine for managers and entrepreneurs with a focus on small and medium-sized companies. It is published in the Flemish speaking Belgian provinces with a circulation of 37.364 copies in Dutch. The entire article can be seen here.

25 04 2003 - Article in Data News

NetPower Solutions today was mentioned in Belgium's most popular IT magazine Data News. Especially our Leasing and renting solutions were positively received. The entire article can be seen here.

17 03 2003 - First article in i-tel Magazine

i-Tel is the technology paper from the Flemish Entrepreneur (or Vlaamse Ondernemer) newspaper. The Vlaamse Ondernemer is a magazine for managers and entrepreneurs with a focus on small and medium-sized companies. It is published in the following Belgian provinces: Antwerp, Limburg, Flemish Brabant, Brussels Capital Region, Eastern and Western Flanders, with a circulation of 37.364 copies in Dutch. The article can be seen here.

14 02 2003 - Article in Internet Addict

NetPower Solutions received full coverage on Internet Addict's website. Internet Addict is Belgium's nr 1 online news magazine. Please click the link to view the article.

07 02 2003 - National Belgian Press Release

NetPower Solutions Belgium launches a national PR campaign in the specialised IT and SME Press. This press release is realised with the help of LVT PR. Here is a copy of the release translated in English:

NetPower Solutions launches Netpower, the automatisation solution for the SME market. The Belgian company deliberately sets itself off from traditional ERP and CRM vendors, with a competitive offering and a well thought-through financial model.

NetPower Solutions, the Belgian automatisation alternative that deliberately focusses on the middle sized and small companies, enters this new year with a strong competitive offering aimed at the SME. This offering consists on the one hand of professional modular solutions and on the other hand of some for the SME very interesting payment options. These payment options bring professional ERP- and CRM-solutions for once and for all into reach of many SMEs who not only in Belgium but also in the whole of Europe would like to acquire these solutions but are often freightened of the high investment costs associated with the first implementation.

"The middlesized and small company has for many years been frightened of the sometimes very high prices of an automatisation project", says Graeme de la Mer, Chairman of NetPower Solutions. "So especially in these times of prudency and savings they tend not to invest in these systems. But this opinion is not valid any longer. With our payment options the entrepreneur keeps control of his expenses, which can - just like the solution itself - evolve modularly, in function of the real business needs. In this way, the budget is always in balance while the advantages of our supply chain, ERP, CRM and HR solutions are within reach. And one of these advantages not only is the clearly higher productivity and efficiency achieved, but also the ever more important ROI, which can be met within the first year already."

NetPower Solutions which started off in 2002, has from the very beginning, even while setting up its business plan, centered around the entrepreneur's point of view. This was a conscious choice and the logical conclusion of market research and profound talks with independent experts from the sector on management-, marketing- and sales-level.

"We have deliberately chosen the 'best practices' approach and focussing on the small to middlesized entrepreneur", says Michel Heuvelmans, Managing Director of NetPower Solutions. "Our software is aimed at companies up to 250 personnel and 50 million EUR turnover. Exactly in this market segment there's a major need for systems like ours, while doubts still exist about the investments needed for a professional implementation and roll-out."

With the financing model of NetPower Solutions, companies do not need any longer to pay expensive up-front license fees. They can choose between a very interesting all-in result based fee or comprehensive financing modules that seriously narrow the investment. In addition the solution as such is also modular and can grow with the user to follow the natural growth of the company.

"Of course we offer all services in the field of maintenance and consultancy to guarantee a successful roll-out, as well as an SLA", continues Michel Heuvelmans. "This includes a very far-reaching customisation of our systems to match the customer's specific business model. Often companies need to have an experienced system administrator to work on the systems, which is far from obvious in a middlesized company and certainly not in a small company. So for them it's very important how we understand their business."

Companies who think of investing in supply chain, ERP, CRM or HR Management systems, can get a first idea of the ROI that can be realised with NetPower on the website of NetPower Solutions. They developed a "Value Calculator" for this purpose.

"Our offering can measure itself in the technological field with all products coming from the big names in this sector. However this is not the main news", says Graeme de la Mer. "We could indeed talk about the high stability of these systems, the strong and dynamic features, the user friendliness, the integration possibilities and so on, but this is not our first priority. What we want to communicate to entrepreneurs is that we understand their position. And that we therefore have well thought about the way we want to offer our products on the market - a way that completely matches the approach of the middlesized and small company and that offers them advantages in all aspects."

About NetPower Solutions - NetPower Solutions was founded in 2002 by three experiences entrepreneurs with a profound technological and business knowledge. The company has subsidiaries in Brussels and London and focusses from both organisations on the SME, with a variety of Supply Chain, ERP, CRM and HR Management solutions. NetPower Solutions finished its first bookyear with a turnover and profit that exceeded the expectations and wants to become in its market the leading SME alternative.