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April 19, 2019


In this fast-changing world, it's important to keep track with the latest evolutions. For this reason, NetPower Solutions has established a number of well-working partnerships to guarantee our customers we can provide them with the best possible solutions available on the market, while at the same time limiting our investment needs and as a result our prices.

Other Cooperations

NetPower Solutions has established agreements with Universities throughout Belgium to exchange know-how and organise a yearly series of traineeships on Information Technology and Marketing. More information can be found on our career pages.

In addition, this year a separate project was started with the University of Leuven (KU Leuven - see website), in which two groups of four students developed a new planning system for our Resource Planning Systems. For 3 months, this team worked in close cooperation with the technical teams at NetPower Solutions. One of our customers was picked to test their algorithm, which is based on Monba & Potts' theorems. The result can be seen on the graphs hereunder: a green line represents a delivery on schedule, a red a delivery which is running late and an orange line a production which takes place too early. Check the enormous advance that this project means for this particular customer! A clear indication that we try to do our very best for our customers...

Original Planning Situation

New Planning Situation